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Kippah Falls Direct

KFD Lace - Medium - Straight

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Our lace cap wig is a thin, light option that lays flat for a comfortable and natural appearance. You can easily wear it down or style it up in a ponytail to show off your part. Additionally, this wig is easy to put on and responds well to heat and hold, allowing you to create the perfect look for you.

The straight texture is sleek and sophisticated, perfect for those looking for a polished and put-together look.

Medium length wigs are between 20 and 22 inches long, and typically fall between the collar bone and the armpit.

Our Kippah Falls Direct wigs are available in cap sizes ranging from 5" to 9". There is no way to measure for cap size. Here are some of the ideas to consider when choosing your cap:

  • Do you plan to wear this piece up in a high bun or pony? Consider a smaller cap.
  • Do you want more hair coming down the sides or more overall density? Consider a bigger cap.
  • Bigger caps will offer more hair density and the opposite is true for smaller caps.

With Kippah falls generally every cap fits every head however you may prefer one cap size over another for some of the reasons above.