I'm a kallah. Any tips?

So many! Here are the most important ones:

1. Order your piece as early as possible. Although nothing usually goes wrong, we always suggest leaving time just in case.

2. Most people that cover their hair need more than 1 wig. That being said, buy 1 to start with. Wear it. See what you like and don't like, and go from there. It's hard to know what works before you wear it.

3. If you order custom and you receive the piece before your wedding, wear it around the house when you get it. Make sure that you are happy with the piece while it's still returnable (within 2 weeks of receipt).

4. When scheduling your appointment, mention that you are a kallah. If you think you need a lot of time to figure out what works, schedule a private appointment.

5. If you are newly married and you bought wigs that you are not happy with, you can convert them to kippah falls. You will not have wasted money on the piece, and it will be lighter and more comfortable once you convert it. Just remember, when you convert the piece to a Kippah Fall, you will lose some length on the piece.

Covering and Comfort is possible!!!